Autumn is upon us and with it the shadows are rising… At times it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the pain and challenges we face, or with what is happening to our world. Every day, if it is not with ourselves, then it with people we love… Neglect, abuse, trauma, despair, accidents, grief, all surround us and can rise as part of our human experience. We also all have childhood issues that have impacted on our life, even if our parents did the best job they could of bringing us up. Through all this, I have come to realise is that while we are alive, everything we encounter is here for us to face the experience and turn the pain into love. This may sound cheesy, but I am seeing it happen in sessions and around me again and again. Ask yourself, how can I turn this situation round? How is love trying to get through to me? What is it I am invited to soften into? Softness is not weakness. Softness is letting go of resistance to the flow of life, so that love can radiate through all of you and you can create miracles! Are you ready to soften? Your shadows call you to be met so you can stop spending so much of your precious energy running away from them. So often the fear of exploring our shadows is actually worse than the work itself. Take the jump this autumn… Trust that I can help you lift the lid on what has been hidden in your psyche and hold your hand as you face your past. Reach out to me now!