Kalyani Ma Mukti

Kalyani is committed to bringing transformation in the life of her clients. She has many years’ experience and practice from a place of deep integrity. Her approach to working and being is based on honest heart focused interactions.

What sets Kalyani apart is her ability to make you feel safe and her understanding of your issues from a space of profound empathy.

Whatever is attracting you to the work that Kalyani offers, it is most likely she has explored this herself in her training, and is deeply aware of the courage it takes to step into the unknown. She is willing to share her gifts from her dedicated premises at the Body Sanctuary in Menston near Ilkley, West Yorkshire, or wherever you find yourself through the possibilities that virtual communications bring us (Skype, Zoom etc…).

Kalyani Ma Mukti
Mentor, Transformational Coach, Totality Therapy Practitioner


She walks her talk and continually deepens her own path as “spiritual being having a human experience” to echo Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s words.

This has led her to travel internationally to study under the finest teachers across the UK, Europe and America. Dr Shakti Malan is her guiding light and inspiration and Kalyani is currently the only person in Europe who has completed Totality Therapy training with her.

She is also ever grateful to Thessa Eagan and Fleur Innana, facilitators of Life and Truth, for their total love, clarity and ongoing support.


I am French and arrived in the UK in 1992 to further my business studies with an MBA in marketing from Bradford Management Centre. I then stepped on the corporate ladder with several positions in Yorkshire leading to a busy Marketing Manager position in a business to business environment. I married in 1997 and had my first child in 2000. This was a turning point for me. I came to experience the power and wisdom of my body during the pregnancy. I realised how I needed to reconnect with myself and reclaim the missing pieces that I had left behind growing up. I also recognised how I needed to explore and reclaim my femininity after being in the corporate world for so long. I started exploring alternative approaches to wellbeing, in particular aromatherapy and healing, and qualified in several disciplines. I had my second daughter in 2002. As my sexuality and my spiritual awareness grew I turned to Tantra which felt in total alignment with my understanding of the laws of nature and our oneness with everything. It is along that path that I came across Shakti Malan who paved the way to a much deeper exploration of my shadows and my light, and how to be open and alive in every breath.

As I was completing my training with her in 2012 my eldest daughter then 12 was viciously attacked by someone who had premeditated his actions and is now serving a life sentence for attempted murder. She was miraculously saved by a lady walking her dog who disturbed him when she literally had less than a minute left to live. My daughter ran home pumped up on adrenaline and I immediately saw that she was in shock and that her spirit had separated from her body, a normal reaction in particularly traumatic circumstances. The therapist in me kicked in and I applied in those precious moments when no one knew where the victim was all the relevant techniques I had learned on my Totality Therapy training. In the 15 minutes it took for the police to arrive to our home my daughter’s spirit had recovered its connection with her body, and she has made a full recovery from her ordeal. She was assessed by an experienced trauma counsellor who confirmed this was the case a few days after the attack. Not a day passes without our whole family being grateful for the miracle that took place to save my daughter’s life that day (thank you forever Clare).

Personally I feel blessed to have embraced Totality Therapy which helped her recover so quickly. It is from this knowing of its power and capacity to transform lives so deeply that I have chosen to practice it and share it with people ready to dive deep into their shadows and embrace their light.