Based on mindfulness, visualisations, energy clearing and breathwork, Kalyani offers weekly intuitive meditations that will help you let go and renew your energy. Please get in touch to confirm the current dates.

There is a simple contribution of £5 per person for these gatherings at the Body Sanctuary in Menston.

Monthly Women’s Circle

As women, we can feel overwhelmed with the intensity of what we feel, and the cyclical change in our body in line with the moon. Or maybe we have become so masculine in our way of being in society that seeks so many achievements that we have disconnected from what it is to simply be a woman. So many demands on us all the time, so many balls we are juggling… Kalyani invites you to come and rest for a moment, once a month at 7pm and take a breath in at the Body Sanctuary in Menston village near Ilkley and Otley… Become receptive again to the whispers of your inner wisdom when you simply stop and trust your inner guidance. Recognise that going on firing on all cylinders can’t go on and on without such pauses… Come in circle with other women just like you. Find solace in hearing each other out… Let go of your burden, if only for a moment… Open your heart to be renewed and uplifted under her attentive guidance and care. This is where she wants to be of service to you dear woman, because she understands you and feels you… Get in touch via the contact page if you want to find out the next date available!

If you are drawn to explore this together with other women you know, Kalyani can lead a group session for you at your home or at the Body Sanctuary in Menston. This gives you an opportunity to reconnect with the Divine Feminine Energy that runs deep within you as a woman. Please get in touch via the contact page to organise a date if you are interested to book this with Kalyani.