Wild radiant women gathering with Nel and Kalyani

Friday 21st September 2018 6pm to Monday 24th September 2pm

We invite you to come and harvest the gifts of Being Woman over 3 days together. At this point of balance in the year between daylight and darkness, take a time out to embrace your Wildness and let your Radiance shine through once you have cleansed yourself of the doubts about your femininity and the burdens you carry.

This retreat is for you if you long to release the goddess in you that has not dared show up for a while, or maybe ever! Claim her as your birthright, as the piece within you that stands up on the other side of the “good girl” that you know so well… As Nature brings us the abundant harvest of this time of year, find your own richness and creativity in a supportive healing setting on private grounds.

Meeting your feminine from that place of awakened spirit, heart and sex can truly be a life-changing experience that we are grateful to be able to share with you.

Having given so much to others so far this year, isn’t it time you made time for yourself and found your own nourishment? Feeling deeply held and safe, would you finally step towards your joy with a heart that says YES to life? Or do you simply need a space to come and rest so deeply that you can be inspired in being YOU again?

The rural landscape around us and the comfort of the barn we have chosen will help you unwind and come home to yourself over these 3 days.

Joining us you will dance, you will experience powerful rituals, you will drop into our heart space, find your presence to yourselves and each other, you will meditate, you will commune with the fire and gaze at the stars. You will be cleansed and you will be inspired… One thing is for sure, you will leave a different woman from the one who arrived!

To book your place all you need is to commit £97 which is non-refundable. If you do this by 10th August we are offering an early bird price of £200 left to pay as you arrive. From 11th August the remainder to pay as you arrive is £250.

This price includes all your food (wholesome vegetarian), accommodation and the guidance and holding in love and integrity from Nel and Kalyani. You will be sleeping in the bunk barn on foam mattresses – 8 places, or 2 pop up beds or a double futon. Please bring your own sleeping bag. You can also choose to camp for a small additional fee.

We have a couple of places available for helpers at a reduced total rate of £257 (same booking requirement of £97 non-refundable deposit). They can support us in looking after the space, cleaning and cooking preparations.

Our venue is close to Lancaster in a beautiful rural setting part of a working farm. The woman who has lovingly created this space knows the healing power of this land.

Arrive from 4pm on Friday 21st September, with dinner served at 6pm. We will start our gathering coming into circle at 7:30pm. We share 3 nights together and will finish with lunch on Monday 24th September, leaving the retreat venue by 2pm.

Your guides:

Nel shares: “I have been working with a deep passion with women over the last couple of years. In my work my greatest inspiration is Nature – Mother Earth. Through that source I have learned how to connect deeply with the sacred feminine & the sacred masculine.within.myself.
My passion for life is coming through my experiences with Tantra & my Shamanic Path.
Over the last few years I have been holding gatherings for Women Circles- called Sisterhood Celebration, for Shamanic Drum birthing workshops, for Sacred Dance for Women and Shamanic Dance for both men and women.I am also a visionary artist. Through my art, which is a deep healing journey for myself, my intention is to share that healing energy with others, so we can connect with the Beauty Wisdom and Power within ourselves. To get a feel for my art, you can visit my facebook profile or my facebook art page called Nayamoon Art, or visit my etsy shop: Nayamoon Art.”

Kalyani runs her practice in the North of England with deep integrity. She is the only woman who completed an apprenticeship with Dr Shakti Malan in the field of Totality Therapy which encompasses the Sexual Awakening for Women teachings. Her gift is to help women release what stands in the way of more aliveness, and embrace their sexual energy as a gateway into the sacred and their own realisation as divine beings. She weaves a heartfelt offering of love, compassion and presence that opens the way to alchemical transformation and blissful states of being.