Women’s Circle with Kalyani Awakening Spirit, Heart and Sex

Wednesday 15th August 7:30pm – 9:30pm at the Body Sanctuary, Menston, LS29 6JA

I am thrilled to offer a monthly space for women to gather and awaken their sexuality feeling safe and deeply held. This circle offers profound healing practices based on the Sexual Awakening for Women’s teaching of Dr Shakti Malan. I will guide you through embodied presence and flowing feminine awakened energy. We will work with what you are bringing as you trust to face the blocks that are arising in you. When we encounter these past issues with love and a willingness to feel them fully, the divine feminine energy flows to restore fullness and radiance from the inside out. This can be felt as bliss, and leads you to experience the subtlety of your feminine sexual energy. Not only can you take this into your intimate encounters, you will also find that you want to live your life with your heart open to all of existence and express your true presence from a place of embodied power in the world. This is about being the woman you were born to be in all your radiance and strength! Your awakened sexual energy aligned with your heart and spirit will lead you to want to create in alignment with your soul calling while constantly attuning to the whispers of your essence and its ageless wisdom.

Come together in circle with me and other women to create a space where the miracles you have been longing for can happen. This is an in-person circle at the Body Sanctuary in Menston, LS29 6JA, UK.

Please book ahead. Space is limited to 8 women, £20 attendance fee to be paid at the time of booking although no woman will be turned away on monetary grounds. There is a specific theme explored each month and you can find out all details by joining my contact list.