Each programme is individually tailored to the needs of Kalyani’s clients. Their words will give you an indication of what the programme meant for them and a feel for what it entails when you choose to work with her.

“Kalyani’s abilities are rare on the planet. I have witnessed her masterfully traverse the material that arises when people bring their intimate and outer realities to her. She navigates with skill that comes from a deep understanding of human nature, and a life that is lived with commitment to clarity and compassion.”
Dr Shakti Malan…
“Kalyani is the only accredited Totality Therapy practitioner in Europe, a gifted, wise and intuitive practitioner of the highest integrity. I have been privileged to cofacilitate many workshops with her and have sat in awe witnessing her guiding clients through processes of emotional transformation and trauma release. She has the unflinching courage to take you to the hidden places you need to feel, and the loving compassion to hold you in total safety.  Kalyani is a true master of transformational coaching.”
 Nick Hudis, Mentor to Men



"I came to Kalyani not really sure what I wanted to get out of working with her..."
“but knowing that it had much to do with core drives and goals that were bound in webs of grief and shame and had been that way for many years. In 12 weeks of working with her, what I found was a way to extricate myself from these webs in the only way that can ever possibly work: quickly and easily. The once-maddening possibility of escape, I have now learned to live with as a given. That isn’t to say that I have magically achieved all the goals that I thought were once hopelessly out of reach, but I have been given back a very important part of my free will; I can now sit in harmony with desires I once thought I would have to deny for the rest of my life. This is, at once, something that means nothing and everything. Which is one way of saying the word: “soul.”


“I have never spent any significant money on my own personal development..."
…before, so my expectations were high as I entered this 3 month course. I am pleased to say that Totality Therapy exceeded my expectations. As an ex-mental health nurse, I am familiar with mind-based therapies and while they have offered some temporary relief in the past, they have rarely inspired those fundamental changes in my life that I have been seeking. Kalyani was fully present in each of our sessions, and I imagine that everyone who completes this course will leave with a different set of tools uniquely catered to their individual needs.

My experience was very rich. I am a singer-songwriter and wrote 3 new songs in response to our sessions. I have learnt 2 new meditations, created a sculpture, learnt about my personal boundaries, experienced clarity with many of my personal relationships, had my core belief system appropriately challenged and found new, practical ways to deal with my inner and outer world. For me, the most important development was getting out of my head and into my body. I have known for some time that the mind is better as a servant than a master, but have lacked the skills in which to implement this way of being into my day-to-day life.

Kaylani created a safe space where I could explore my deepest fears. I feel liberated and shaken at my core, but most importantly, I have felt ‘held’ and supported throughout. Patterns I acquired early on in life have not been serving me for some time and I now look forward to a new beginning. There is still much work ahead, but I feel prepared and ready to continue taking steps in this new direction. Totality Therapy is a wonderful dialogue, and I urge you to invest in yourself in this way if you are looking to break free of patterns of thought or behaviour which are no longer serving you.”


“Kalyani has a range of powerful transformative practices which she will do with you..."
“… and in addition is highly attuned to you as a person through incredible empathy and holding. It is this that I feel make her stand out from other coaches/counsellors. The practices will be tailored to your needs and be carried out at the appropriate time in the programme. She is with you every step of the way on your journey and is committed to taking you as deep as you can (and are prepared to) go. I loved that the work is experiential and involves not just talking. I can talk till the cows come home and hardly move, but the programme offered by Kalyani has helped me make radical change to my life, which I am still undergoing, and I am still using the practices she shared with me which are available to me at any time, either because they have been integrated into my being and/or I have recordings of some of the guided journeys. The work has supercharged me in terms of being in alignment with my purpose so that there is no going back. If this is what you need I urge you to invest in yourself in a way that will actually result in changes you want to make.”

AS, Northumberland


“I can't praise Kalyani highly enough. During our transformational..."
“…3-month journey together she used her healing gifts with extraordinary empathy, insight and sensitivity, creating the perfect space for me to meet and explore many unknown aspects of myself.

She always made me feel safe, loved and supported, but she also knew when to be firm and how to bring resolution to challenging issues. And throughout the process, fun and humour were never far away.

I feel very blessed to have worked with Kalyani several times now. I recommend her to anyone seriously intent on moving forwards in their lives.”


“I was lucky enough to be recommended Kalyani when I was in a desperate state..."
“I had suffered a chronic skin condition for over 2 years that was driving me to despair; I had just changed careers and was re-studying a masters which was a huge challenge; and I am a survivor of an abusive marriage that led me to flee domestic violence ten years ago so for all I had made a safe and better life for myself and my 3 children, the scars of emotional abuse were still apparent in my everyday life until I met Kalyani, then the change I needed to happen came.

Kalyani changed my life, she steered me and supported me to find a better way to be, which is a freedom I had only ever dreamt of.  Gradually over the 12 weeks we worked together, I notice that my battered confidence had grown, my ability to cope under pressure was greater and I achieved all the results I needed to pass in my studies and develop in my career to be the best practitioner that I could be without suffering as much anxiety as I had my sense of humour returned!

Miraculously, my skin condition changed and became manageable I did have medical help to but I started to respond to treatments that I had previously not responded to.  I had suffered anxiety for years due to my traumatic past,  anxiety had become my norm, however gradually over the weeks anxiety I recognised I could control not it control me, it is still on-going but Kalyani has given me the tools and practice to be able to find a better way and to restore my own self-belief.  All my relationships changed for the better, I became more focused and present as a mother to my children and a partner no longer distracted by constant fears and worries in my mind.

Kalyani gave me my breath back and for that I am eternally grateful.  I have had years of counselling and nothing has had the impact upon my life that Kalyani has her work is amazing and life changing. I now have a quality of life back that was beyond me for years and most importantly Kalyani has helped me to restore my mental health and anxiety is no longer the norm.

I cannot recommend Kalyani enough, her gentle caring manner and her strong rock solid support will steer you towards a happier better life.  I completely trust Kalyani and believe that the work she does will give you back the gift of life and being in the present moment.  Thank you is not a big enough word Kalyani for helping me through my studies and supporting me to be able to achieve all I have in my career and most importantly for giving me my health back and finding me again.  I am a new woman that is getting better each passing day that is more able than ever to face the challenges in life and remain strong, calm and confident without deeply suffering.”


“I worked with Kalyani for 3 months on her Reclaim Yourself programme..."
“I came to Kalyani during a very painful time of my life and her support and friendship were invaluable to me.  Her calm approach to life and her interpretation of how she saw all that was happening to me was insightful and very welcome.  My weekly meetings with Kalyani became a lifeline for me, she was happy to be flexible about when and where we could meet, we spoke a couple of times over the ‘phone, but most of the sessions were held in her very comfortable and welcoming Body Sanctuary studio in Menston.  I have come away with a deeper understanding of my needs and a more healthy respect and love for myself and my body.  I also have a series of recorded personal meditations by Kalyani that I can refer back to and use whenever I have the desire to do so.  Thank you Kalyani for all you have done to support me.”


“After struggling for years with deep personal issues relating to what I thought was childhood bullying..."
“I signed up to Kalyani’s transformation programme. It turned out it wasn’t just this.

Kalyani had a plan, but not a rigid one, and she adapted her plan from week to week according to how I presented myself to her. She ‘coached’ me through the issues I was facing each week, applying each area of her plan as it befitted the situation in hand.

Over the weeks her methods revealed a more intricate picture of myself and I began to learn that other factors, aside from the bullying had contributed to my overwhelming poor self-esteem, depressive tendencies, self-deprecating behaviour and a crippling lack of a point and joy in life.

I found that I was able to look at myself differently, to ‘notice’ what was happening during difficult times, and to create a better understanding and awareness of myself, I now know how to put a break on negative thoughts and behaviour patterns that had become the norm.

Kalyani is a soft, gentle and understanding soul. She listens intently and is responsive to every situation placed in front of her. She doesn’t judge, everything she says is with kindness. I don’t think she professes to offer instant solutions, but she has a purpose, she leads you up multiple enlightening paths you would never have known exist, and it’s up to you to explore what is up those paths.

You can clearly see her years of experience have culminated together within her Transformation Programme. I would highly recommend it. If you are wanting to get to the bottom of yourself, this is for you, it’s an investment for life.”