Totality Therapy aims to awaken you to full presence in your life and your body, breaking down the unconscious recurring patterns that keep you stuck and away from the fullness of your being. These often stem from childhood experiences and repressed emotional and/or sexual traumas that hold you back from happiness, creativity and openness to love. The result is a powerful letting go, gaining insight into who you are, feeling whole again, and opening to the joy of life.

Combining visualisations, emotional release, bodywork (de-armouring), breath work, meditation and tantric practices, deep listening and total empathy, this method addresses the core issues that your life circumstances are calling you to face now. This is a deeply healing multi-disciplinary modality at the cutting edge of human consciousness.

Totality Therapy was developed by Dr Shakti Malan (PhD). It brings together healing, coaching and counselling and includes the whole person: body, emotions, heart, spirit and soul. Kalyani the only practitioner in Europe accredited by her after a lengthy apprenticeship.

“Kalyani’s abilities are rare on the planet. I have witnessed her masterfully traverse the material that arises when people bring their intimate and outer realities to her. She navigates with skill that comes from a deep understanding of human nature, and a life that is lived with commitment to clarity and compassion.”

Dr Shakti Malan

Examples of what is explored in sessions include:

Guided meditation, helping your mind settle and your inner wisdom rise.
Somatic presencing, i.e. expanding into full awareness of your body.
Emotional release, such as venting, anger exploration, grief unfolding, letting go.
Intimacy exploration and coaching, to break relationship patterns and set you free.
Sexual healing and trauma release.
Conscious bodywork and de-armouring, helping you be fully present to your life.
Opening up to your bliss.
Finding how to bring full realisation to this life.


Kalyani works with men and women alike. One to one sessions are offered as part of a 3 months programme minimum and you are advised to book a time when you can relax afterwards in order to let Kalyani’s transformative work settle in you.

Ready to find out more? Book a FREE one hour Breakthrough Session in person at the Body Sanctuary in Menston (LS29 6JA) or via Skype. We will explore the issues you are facing and discover together how this unique approach can help. Please note that only a limited number of these sessions are available so you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire to pre-qualify for this session.

Kalyani values you reaching out and will treat all enquiries with respect and can assure you of total confidentiality.